Sunday, 26 July 2015

Free Language Translator Full Version Cracked

Free Language Translator Full Version Cracked
I don"t know about yourself, but I require to use dictionaries and translators almost each and every day. And in cases such as these, something like Free Language Translator is actually a time saver!
Free Language Translator is usually a useful translating utility powered by Google Translate which lets you translate texts between over 40 different languages – in the same way many since the Google service supports. It has some nice features for instance automatic source language detection, accuracy calculator and also the option to produce a personal dictionary with corrected, improved translations.
Using Free Language Translator is very easy. All you have to do is enter in the source text for the left-side pane (you may type it in, copy it from your clipboard or drag a drop a document on the program"s interface) and click on the Translate button. After a few seconds – provided you"re online, naturally - you get the translation within the right-side pane. You can then copy it time for the clipboard or save it to TXT.
Free Language Translator features a few personalization options, such as possibility to go with a custom text font and pick another keyboard layout when translating to languages which use different keyboards.

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